1. Q. How often should I have a routine check-up at the dentist?

    A. It is advised you see your dentist every six months because you can't always see or feel decay. Sometimes it doesn't even hurt, but your dentist will be able to ascertain if anything needs to be done. With early detection you save money and time by treating the problem before it becomes a big issue.

  2. Q. Does each check-up require X-rays to be taken?

    A. No, but we advise you take a bite wing X-ray every couple of years to detect any decays, bone height changes and to compare to your previous radiographs.

  3. Q. All I want is a teeth clean. Can I just have that?

    A. It makes sense to allow your dentist to examine your teeth properly in order for us to remedy any problems before they become more serious.

  4. Q. How long does it take to fit a crown?

    A. With the technology that we have at our practice with the new Cerec machine, we are able to offer our patients the comfort of 1 visit inlays, onlays and crowns. That means no more temporary crowns, no return visit for cementation. It all gets done in 1 visit!

  5. Q. What's involved in teeth whitening?

    A. There are a few options for teeth whitening. Home treatment, or chair side treatment at the dental practice.

    After checking enamel thickness and gum condition to determine whether your teeth are suitable for whitening in their current state, your dentist will either supply you with a peroxide treatment to take home, or recommend and appointment to do chair side treatment at the dental practice.

    Home treatment will take about 2 weeks to complete. Chair side treatment takes 1 appointment of approximately 1 hour.

  6. Q. What is the Oral Health Fee for Service Scheme?

    A. The Oral Health Fee for Service Scheme is an alternative way of providing dental care used by the Public Dental Service in NSW. This Scheme provides dental care through a private practitioner (eg: dentist, dental prosthetists, oral health practitioner). The type of dental care that can be provided includes emergency, general dental care and dentures.